Week in Review: Restored Mosquito To Buzz the Skies For The First Time Since WWII


Week in Review: Restored Mosquito To Buzz the Skies For The First Time Since WWII


Happy Saturday.

Here is a look at what happened this past week—the week of July 16—in our universe. 

Mosquito Flies At SkyFair For The First Time

This Saturday marks a significant milestone for Paul Allen’s Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum (FHCAM) and the warbird community. At this weekend’s SkyFair, one of only three flying deHavilland Mosquito flight bombers will take to the skies, in view of the public, for the first time.


The Mosquito is different than many other World War II-era aircraft in that it was made almost entirely of wood-spruce, ash, birch, fir and balsa. As a result, the plane was incredibly light and fast—faster, in fact, than nearly anything else in the air until the advent of jet and rocket aircraft.

Don’t miss this year’s SkyFair, get your tickets today. 

A Day In The Life Of An Anti-Poaching Ranger

Featured in Vulcan Productions’ film, The Ivory Game, Big Life Foundation was set up to address the escalation of poaching in east Africa. Their rangers put their lives on the line daily to protect some of the world’s most endangered species like elephants, rhinos and lions. Here’s how a day in their lives look

Post of the Week

This week’s social post comes from the Secretary of the Air Force, who shared this tweet after visiting the Stratolaunch facilities in Mojave, Calif. this week. 

Story Spotlight

Finally, here's one for your weekend movie list. Be sure to check out “Chasing Coral,” a documentary now streaming on Netflix. The film is an features a team of divers, photographers and scientists as they set out to document the destruction happening to coral reefs. We're now working with members of this same group on a new initiative--50 Reefs--aimed at identifying and protecting the world's most threatened reefs with the greatest capacity to repopulate. A look at our plan.