The premiere of Showtime's Years of Living Dangerously, which features first-hand reports on the impacts climate change, was met with positive reviews and a receptive audience.

The first episode was posted to YouTube and was viewed nearly 300,000 times in the first week. On Sunday evening, there were 500 watching parties and 3,000 people connected in a Google Hangout to watch the first episode with James Cameron and Ian Somerhalder.

There were more than 4,000 articles that mentioned the series last week and many of the reviews were positive. Here are some links and excerpts:

Climate change gets the blockbuster treatment on Showtime Los Angeles Times

“Years of Living Dangerously" focuses not on melting glaciers or polar bears but instead tells unexpected, character-driven stories about people directly affected by or involved in the climate-change crisis. Stylistically, however, the project is a departure from the staid documentary format, with the saturated color palette, exotic locales and suspenseful pace of a globe-trotting action-adventure blockbuster — perhaps not surprising, given its Hollywood pedigree.

The Greatest Story Ever Ignored Vanity Fair

Years of Living Dangerously weaves together several strands of storytelling, Homeland-style—for instance, the increasingly savage wildfires in the American West; rising sea levels in Bangladesh; competition for water in the Middle East.

Years of Living Dangerously – A Global Warming Blockbuster – The Guardian

Climate change really is a made-for-TV story. It has all the drama of Hollywood, with real-life villains and heroes thrown in. We scientists struggle everyday to communicate the importance of climate change to the world. It is great to see communication experts come in and accomplish what scientists alone cannot.

As the series continues, Vulcan Productions will lead a social campaign designed to give viewers more information about climate change and an opportunity to take action.

“The goal of YEARS is to galvanize a national conversation on the realities of climate change and inspire people to share their own stories and empower them to get involved in solutions,” said Carole Tomko, General Manager of Vulcan Productions. "I’m proud that Vulcan is supporting this project."

Vulcan Productions team

The Vulcan Productions team gathers after a screening of the first episode for Vulcan Inc. staff.  

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