Local Commitment: Local Nonprofit's Love of Water is Contagious


Local Commitment: Local Nonprofit's Love of Water is Contagious


Just because Seattle’s a slickers and rain boots sort of town, it doesn't seem to dampen the Center for Wooden Boats' zeal for setting sail.

"Helping people enjoy the water is something we do all year round," says Dan Leach, the group's Community Engagement Coordinator.

The Center for Wooden Boats, located on Lake Union, is a non-profit that celebrates the region's rich maritime history by sharing its fleet of historic boats with the community. Founded in 1976, the organization has around 200 vessels of all sorts, from rowboats to sailboats to a century-old steam-powered boat.

Through events and educational programs, the group teaches the public about the vessels' histories and how to take care of them. The best part? The group lets you rent its boats and take them out on the lake.

"We are a hands-on museum," said Dan. "The whole point is not just to preserve the boats. We preserve them because we like to get out on the water."

Access to the water is so important that the group offers free sailing every Sunday — a program Vulcan's annual corporate sponsorship directly supports. It also offers lessons for kids, and there's always a sliding scale for those who can't afford them. Vulcan is also a major sponsor of the annual Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival in July.

While the group's busy season starts in spring, Leach stresses that his water-lubbin' crew is active throughout all four seasons.

Join Vulcan in supporting a group that celebrates the Pacific Northwest's maritime history and natural scenery by participating in the organization's various events and programs. Learn more at            

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