Employees in Action: Using Music to Give Back


Employees in Action: Using Music to Give Back


Liam Blodgett is a Vulcan Associate Systems Engineer by day, and music devotee by night. When he's not editing video or answering tech questions, he's plucking his guitar strings or grooving away on bass in one of his two bands.

In between licks and riffs, he also finds time to donate his musical talents to charity.

"There is more to philanthropy than money," said Liam. "There's no reason that music can't be a gift to an organization as well."

His Afrobeat group, Cascadia '10, last year put on a sold-out benefit show for Boundless Arts Performance Collective. The local group works with foster youth and helps them build confidence through the arts.

"This is a beautiful group of young adults," said Liam, who picked up a guitar when he was 12 and has been strumming away ever since. "It was one of the most fun shows we've ever played, and it felt good for us to do it."

Liam, who has been with Vulcan for three years, donates his musical chops a few times a year for various benefits. In the past, he's played for Noise for the Needy, and has put on a free show for volunteers building homes in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

"Giving can be so much more fun than writing a check," said Liam. "Local charities need creative contributions, too, and giving of your passion just feels awesome." 

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