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Vulcan Machine Learning Center for Impact

The Vulcan Machine Learning Center for Impact (VMLCI), based in Seattle, Washington, will harness machine learning for public good.

The center seeks to accelerate discovery, development and scaled adoption of machine learning innovation for ocean health, wildlife conservation, climate and community development.

Through collaborative partnerships with non-profits, NGOs, universities, corporations and institutes, the VMLCI will help expand the machine learning for good community (ML4Good) in Seattle and help connect those who need machine learning with highly-skilled experts.

VMLCI will begin by plugging into existing workstreams to explore and experiment, starting with Vulcan Inc. projects including Skylight, Allen Coral Atlas and EarthRanger. These products are focused on maritime activity, coral reef health and wildlife populations, relying on satellite imagery and other sensor data that can be analyzed using machine learning.

Additionally, VMLCI will begin a new initiative to modernize wildlife surveys to gain deeper insights into key species and ecosystems. The team will also evaluate new projects where machine learning can help solve large problems, such as rising sea temperatures and their impact on ocean ecosystems, or a global fish census.

The outputs of VMLCI will be open for use by organizations and individuals working in these areas as well as other communities seeking to apply ML for good.


Machine Learning is the science of training computers to evaluate data, identify trends, and apply these “learnings” to subsequent problems.

At its heart, ML takes data, observations, and other information, builds a model to make a determination or a prediction.
As more data becomes available, machine learning will get smarter and accelerate the pace of discovery, allowing us to tackle more ambitious problems.


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