When a girl has access to an education, it sets off a ripple effect that brings about enormous change. The importance of educating girls comes to life in Girl Rising, a film co-produced by Vulcan Productions and the Documentary Group in 2013.

Directed by Academy Award nominee Richard E. Robbins, Girl Rising features nine girls from nine different countries who dream of sitting in a classroom and learning – and they overcome incredible odds to do just that. Each girl’s story was crafted by a local author from the girl’s home country.

"We want to make the public aware of how educating girls has a profound impact on communities, and also get them fired up to do something about it,” said Bonnie Benjamin-Phariss, Director of Vulcan Productions. “Our hope is that the film and campaign will drive change and, as a result, help young women all around the world."

Since its premiere in spring 2013, the film has had a wide reaching effect, altering the way people view women’s education in developing countries. Globally over 205 million households watched Girl Rising during the CNN and CNN International premieres, and over 4 million people have engaged with Girl Rising through websites and social media.

Girl Rising is the centerpiece of 10x10, a global campaign to educate and empower girls. To date, over $1.9 million has been donated to 10x10 to support girls’ education initiatives in developing countries. Many of those donating were young girls themselves, inspired after watching the film to make jewelry, baked goods and t-shirts in order to give the proceeds to other girls in need.

In Afghanistan and Cambodia, $430,000 has been given to construct new schools and classrooms. In Haiti, $1,500 was donated to replace a roof on a school. And in India, $5,050 was given toward the rehabilitation of street children.

Vulcan Productions continues to use Girl Rising and 10x10 to change minds, change lives and change policy.

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