Ocean Health

Our oceans are under threat from climate change as well as a range of unsustainable practices that could lead to the collapse of ecosystems and loss of marine species in the near future. The sweeping views of Puget Sound’s Elliot Bay from our Seattle headquarters remind us how important ocean health is to both human communities and wildlife populations.

Vulcan has a portfolio of projects and investments focused on addressing ocean health through research, innovation and policy change.

Innovative Approaches: We are supporting a human-assisted evolution of coral reef research program at the Hawaii Institute Marine Biology and The Australian Institute of Marine Science and its Sea Simulator. The research will identify naturally resilient coral species then replant in the field for regeneration of declining coral reefs.

Closer to home, we support the cultivation of seaweed in the Puget Sound as a potential strategy for mitigating ocean acidification in partnership with a group of researchers and organizations in the Seattle area.

Foundational Data:  The ambitious Global FinPrint project aims to create the largest and most comprehensive data-collection and analysis of the world’s populations of reef sharks and rays. The three-year data-collection and analysis initiative is the largest of its size and is designed to provide conservationists with fundamental data essential to building effective conservation management programs.

Since 2014, we have been working with Sea Around Us to an open platform for their fisheries data that significantly improves access to and better visualization of the research data. We are also supporting their efforts to ensure the data is used by governments and NGOs around the world.

Strengthening Communities: The Guardians of Raja Ampat film tour in the Raja Ampat archipelago, one of the most diverse marine habitats on the planet, highlights the bold steps of localized conservation efforts. The three week film tour celebrated the efforts of the unique communities of Raja Ampat, who have traditionally served as guardians of their pristine ecosystems and examples of community-driven conservation.

Public Engagement: Smart Catch is a program designed to increase demand and availability of sustainable seafood by working with chefs and restauranteurs. Smart Catch launched in Seattle in July 2015 and focuses on chefs because they have the potential to make a significant impact in sustainable seafood.

Through films such as Racing ExtinctionVulcan Productions uses storytelling to help audiences understand the effects of climate change and illegal fishing on oceans and key marine species. The social action campaign that accompanies Racing Extinction aims to inspire audiences to take action and bring about lasting change.


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