Arts & Culture

Museums As Teaching Institutions

It’s the Vulcan point-of-view that museums don’t always have to be a place where artifacts sit on shelves collecting dust. They don’t have to be a place where you whisper and keep your hands to yourself. In fact, we are partial to a different sort of museum, a museum where you can hear engines rev, push some buttons and get loud.
That’s the philosophy that underlies all of the museums within the Vulcan universe. Each is assembled from Paul Allen’s extensive private collection of artifacts and made available for the public to enjoy. From the state-of-the-art immersive exhibitions at EMP Museum and the soaring warbirds of the Flying Heritage Collection to the multimedia displays of STARTUP Gallery and the humming machines in the Living Computer Museum, interactivity is at the core of every Vulcan museum. We think being able to interact with a collection is key to helping visitors learn and engage with the subject matter.
Preservation is important because we can’t understand where we are going, what is yet to be discovered, until we know where we have been. The greatest innovation builds on the breakthroughs that came before it. Vulcan is in the museum business because we see museums as critical educational institutions that will inspire the next generation of engineers, programmers, scientists, musicians, pilots and inventors.