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    Stratolaunch Runway Test Reaches New Speed Milestone


    Stratolaunch, the world’s largest aircraft by wingspan, completed another milestone, reaching a top taxi speed of 46 mph in recent tests.

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    Most Innovative Space Companies: Stratolaunch Systems


    Stratolaunch ranked as one of the “Most Innovative Companies” in the Space sector by Fast Company.

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    Orbital ATK and Stratolaunch Systems Partner to Offer Competitive Space Launch Opportunities


    Orbital ATK, Inc. and Stratolaunch Systems announced a multi-year production-based partnership that will offer significant cost advantages to air-launch customers.

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    Why Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is building the world’s largest airplane


    The latest entrant into the new space race has a wingspan longer than the distance traveled by the Wright Brothers in their earliest flights.

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    Stratolaunch Names Jean Floyd CEO


    Jean Floyd has been named CEO of Stratolaunch Systems.

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    From Pluto to D.C. to Silicon Valley: A Busy Week For Vulcan Aerospace


    Planes, spaceships and automobiles—that’s been the past week for Vulcan Aerospace. From Laurel, Md. to the outskirts of our galaxy, the Vulcan Aerospace team has seemingly been everywhere.

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    Vulcan Aerospace Launch News Roundup


    Vulcan Aerospace was announced at the Space Symposium on April 13th. Here is a roundup of articles about the new organization

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    Vulcan Aerospace Takes the Next Step in Space

    4/13/2015 : Chuck Beames

    In a blog post, Chuck Beames, president of Vulcan Aerospace and executive director of Stratolaunch Systems, outlines a new approach to the commercial space industry.

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    Charles Beames has joined Vulcan as the Executive Director of Stratolaunch, responsible for creating and executing the strategic plan to realize Paul Allen’s vision of revolutionizing space transportation.

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