Vulcan Inc. at a Glance

Vulcan Inc. is a nimble private company working to solve some of the biggest global issues. The projects and investments we pursue are inpsired by the ideas of our founder Paul G. Allen and tethered to a simple principle; we use data to inform our efforts and seek out opportunities that can make a positive impact, and share what we learn. Vulcan supports innovative approaches that can save endangered species, address climate change, improve ocean health, explore new frontiers, research how the human brain works and build sustainable communities. Our programs, projects and initiatives bring together industry leaders collaborating across disciplines to discover and develop smart, data-driven solutions and create inspring experiences that help us tackle some of the world's toughest challenges.

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington
Established: 1986

Business Portfolio:

Vulcan Real Estate: This team oversees the company’s real estate portfolio, which is based on sustainable models that build value across the entire community. Its South Lake Union project is one of the largest urban revitalization efforts in the United States. 

Vulcan Capital: The multibillion dollar investment arm of Vulcan with offices in Seattle and Palo Alto. The firm invests across all stages of corporate development in a variety of sectors.

Vulcan Productions: A media company which creates and supports documentaries and film-based social campaigns that inspire audiences to take action.

Sports Teams: Vulcan assists our founder and partners in overseeing the Portland Trail Blazers, the Seattle Seahawks, and partial stake in the Seattle Sounders.

Community Venues: Vulcan owns and manages a variety of facilities including CenturyLink Field, Century Field Event Center and the WaMu Theater in Seattle, the Moda Center in Portland, Hospital Club in London, and Seattle Cinerama Theater.  

Philanthropic  Portfolio:

Employee Volunteering: Vulcan gives employees paid time off to volunteer at Seattle’s Cherry Food Bank and organizes regular companywide volunteer days and events.

Corporate Sponsorships: Vulcan regularly supports special events that promote a sense of community and benefit the residents of the Greater Seattle area region.

Community Museums: Paul helped found the EMP Museum, Seattle's interactive museum of music, popular culture and science fiction; the Flying Heritage Collection, an assemblage of rare WWII aircraft; and the Living Computer Museum, a collection of vintage timesharing computers.

Environmental Commitment: Vulcan practice sustainable building practices, invests in clean technologies and helped form the Green Sports Alliance, a non-profit aimed at helping teams go green.

Allen Institute for Brain Science, a nonprofit formed to the accelerate understanding of the human brain in health and disease. The institute’s open research tools are used by thousands of scientists worldwide.

Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence is a private foundation working on some of the critical questions in AI today, including opportunities for computers to acquire knowledge and reason.

• Allen Institute for Cell Science, was launched in 2014 with a contribution from Paul G. Allen and will serve as a catalyzing force to integrate diverse technologies and approaches at a large scale in order to study the cell as an integrated system—something that traditional academic labs cannot do.

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation supports bold organizations making meaningful impact in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, with giving totaling $469 million to date.